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Property owners seek professional assistance with the management of their investment properties for a variety of reasons.  Whether you’re looking to simply fill a vacancy or seeking full-service management, Property Management of Virginia (PMV) is equipped with the experience, education, and technology to keep our owner’s properties on the cutting edge of a fast-paced, constantly evolving rental marketplace. Our agents know the market, the trends, and how to ensure your return on investment (ROI) is maximized.

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Our application standards are among the strictest in the industry ensuring our owners are getting Grade-A tenants. Our process includes a criminal background check, employment/income verification, a credit check with debt-to-income analysis, and an extensive rental history examination.


PMV is a fully licensed real estate management brokerage and our owners benefit from the use of the Virginia Board of Realtor’s Lease Agreement. This document is customized every year by the National and State Board of Realtor’s attorneys to ensure it is covering every aspect and emerging trend affecting the protection of our owners.


Our online listings are posted to Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, and over 30 other online rental marketplaces along with our website and social media accounts. We also have a large network of current and former tenants that benefit from a referral program that ensures maximum exposure for your vacancy.






With full-time maintenance technicians and relationships with numerous local contractors, our owners know that we are well-equipped to handle maintenance issues of any kind in a timely fashion while keeping maintenance costs under control and keeping tenants happy!


A large part of ensuring a successful lease is the regular inspection of the interior and exterior of rental units to verify housekeeping standards as outlined in the lease. Our owners enjoy and rest easy with our video walkthrough inspections which we conduct regularly.


As a PMV owner, you will have 24-hour access to your owner account portal. This allows access to leasing and management documentation for download or print, as well as instant access to accounting information. Our accounting software provides monthly statements outlining income and expenses as well as customizable reports and end-of-year tax statements making for easy reporting.


If a tenant is not complying with the terms of their lease by repeating violations of rules or through non-payment, we handle the civil court process of remedying the situation by getting a judgment for damages or lost rental income and if required forced termination of the lease, or eviction. We also seek the satisfaction of judgments through garnishment when necessary.


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As a property owner I have been 100% satisfied with Property Management. Eric has been easy to work with and has taken the load off of my plate. Thank you Eric!

David Brenneman
Linda Brickley

Outstanding Property Services. Takes very good care of the rental clients. Anything that is needed is taken care of quickly and efficiently, with kindness and respect! Have been extremely happy renting through them.

Linda Decruze Brickley
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Eric was very helpful; he is highly knowledgeable when it comes to managing real estate. If you are looking for a rental, he should be your first call. Eric, thank you again for your professional assistance.

Michelle Oswald Underwood